Three Simple Ways: How to Toast Coconut

How to Toast Coconut in three different ways using stove, microwave or oven. With this easy-to-follow guide, you’ll have fragrant coconut to use in your favorite recipes!

Oh, what a day what a day this day is turning out to be! I woke up early this morning to find close to 50 comments waiting for moderation on the blog and about a dozen emails in my inbox, all happy wishes from readers for my birthday. Awww, you guys! Thank you, thank you! I appreciate the ♥.

Making toasted coconut is a very simple process but since it’s frequently used in Filipino cooking, I might as well have a standalone entry to refer to for recipes that incorporate it as an ingredient. Easy peasy, my friends, cook on medium heat, stir regularly for a minute or two and then turn off heat when the coconut shreds begin to brown to allow the residual heat of the pan to finish them off beautifully. So simple, it’s wise to keep a handy dandy jar of this stuff ready to use.

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