Pork Asado

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style Pork Asado marinated in citrus juice and soy sauce and braised in tomato sauce until tender and flavorful. It’s a hearty and tasty dish perfect for family dinners or special occasions!

There are two types of Asado known in Filipino cuisine. One is the sweet and salty Chinese-style where the meat is cooked low and slow in soy sauce, brown sugar, and spices such as star anise and five-spice.

A good example of this variant is  made of whole pork leg, our popular, and of course, our favorite


The other version which is the recipe below has more of a tangy and savory taste profile.  The pork shoulder is first marinated in citrus juice, soy sauce, and aromatics such as garlic, onions, and peppercorns, and then braised in tomato sauce until fork-tender and tasty.

A generous dollop of tinned liver spread is usually added to help thicken the sauce and enhance flavor along with pan-fried potatoes to extend the dish.

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