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Pineapple Fried Rice

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Pineapple fried rice stir-fry made with curry-flavored rice, shrimp, chicken, raisins, and more! It’s a hearty and tasty side dish or a complete meal in itself.

One kitchen hack that saves me plenty of time during dinnertime is making a big batch of steamed rice once or twice a week. I cool down the cooked rice completely, divide in resealable bags, and freeze so on days when I am too busy or too lazy to prepare a complicated meal, I just thaw a bag to stir-fry into a delicious and filling fried rice.

If you’re looking for delicious ways to revamp day-old rice, you’ve come to the right place as I have tons of fried rice recipes I hope you try such as  and this pineapple fried rice which happens to be my fave.

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